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The animated photo's of Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg.

The animated photo’s of Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg.

Photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphics artist Kevin Burg may have finally found a way to elevate the animated GIF to a level approaching fine art, with their “cinemagraphs” — elegant, subtly animated creations that are “something more than a photo but less than a video.   Working in the web industry myself these images...
Johanna Fernihough

Johanna Fernihough

I live in a village just outside Cambridge. When I am not illustrating I am busy walking my dogs and getting inspiration from the countryside and clicking away with my iphone for reference. Or just relaxing with my children when they don’t have mountains of homework to plough through!

Reserved S/S 2011 Campaign with Magdalena Frackowiak

      Really nice use of lens flare to give the shots a contemporary feel. The shots were taken or the fashion brand Reserved. The model is Magdalena Frackowiak.