Hi there, i’m Wil. I’m 26 going on 14 and work for the British Army fixing stuff. Love the more expressive side of life. In particular photography. Motorbikes are a big part of me too, and the two join together quite well. I love travelling and sampling new stuff, food, cultures, but even though my job takes me places (some good, mostly hot) it also doesn’t allow me the freedom to just take off, or plan well ahead. I like cake and do actually enjoy long walks on the beach.


How did you get into your field?

When I was younger, Rollerblading was my life, and I wanted to be able to show everybody what I did, so started taking lousy pictures on compact film cameras. Eventually my dad trusted me with his SLR, and I started learning more and more by trial and many an error. Progressions were mande and I eventually lept to digital, seeing the lack of film development and poor maying job an obvious choice. I have never stopped learning, although for periods I have stopped shooting, but thats another book.


Define how you see the word ‘creative’?

Creative is putting your twist on something. It may be the most subtle thing, or a revolution in design or process, but its yours.

Who inspires you and why?: to be honest I dont really know. I dont look at other photographers enough to know who is who. So I would have to say people close to me. Sam Cooper (another artist on this site) keeps pushing his work further and further, which makes me think its time to start catching up, but in my own direction. Abstract artists really attract me too, like Arlo Eisenburg.



What is your favourite piece of work?

My favorite piece of work is a B+W piece of my dad. Its simple, not alot of people ever comment on it on various sites, choosing flashier images over it, but I love it. I’m close with my dad, but dont get to see him often enough, and this is exactly how i always remember him. always in thought about something, relevent or, as is usually the case, totally off the wall.



Do you ever have a creative block and if yes, how do you deal with it?

All the time. The only way I have found to get over it is to go for a ride on my motorbike. This clears my head about everything, and one of the few places i can just get on with it and not think. Finally a one track mind for the length of that ride.


What types of assignments / creative briefs do you get excited about or you are attracted to most?

Love people, and capturing them in their normal day. I cant do set up pictures, as it’s just not my thing. Also love motorsport, and will jump at the chance to do it, almost regardles where it is in the country.


How do you describe your style?

I wouldn’t say have one, although I have been told I am consistant. This being down to my motorsport past…Not a very good way to describe my style, but there you go.



What would you have done differently during your career so far and what advice would you offer to others?:

I would have waited that extra year for the photography course i missed out on. I wouldnt be in the Army, and I might be having fun in a job I enjoy. I also might not have been to half the places I have, so be careful what you wish you could re-do.


Would you advise people starting off in your field to continue in education and develop; or go out into the world and learn in the field?:

I learnt in the field, but I honestly think a mixture. Pick a field within yours, study it by all means, but just get out and do it. take pictures, draw, paint, whatever…just do it.



Would you like to keep upto date with Wil’s photography?

Wil is also available for freelance all around Cambridgeshire however he is currently in Germany, so notice would have to be well in advance.

Mobile Number: (+44) 07540 942126

Email Address: v4forlife@hotmail.com

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/v4forlife/