Some really nice examples shown of stylistic food preparation. Gabrielle does a really good job at staging each individual course in its own unique way.





“Hello, I’m Gabrielle. Everyone calls me Gabi, which is fine. That’s me in the above photo (it was a special moment and I don’t always appear that dreamy).

I started Honest Fare (in Feb. 2009) because I love to cook. I love to feed people…and myself. I love to make the table look pretty and the people feel comfortable at it. And, since starting a cafe is not in the cards at the moment, I figured this would be another way for me to do all that.

Honest Fare is all about the the simple art of food preparation. For me, that’s turning a fresh set of ingredients into something beautiful (in both flavor and appearance) that’s worth sharing. What you see here are the culinary experiments that come out of my nothing-special kitchen in Orlando, Florida. So it’s never anything too fancy – just food that looks as good as it tastes and doesn’t require too much thinking.







All these recipes are pretty straightforward for the home chef of all levels, but feel free to get in touch via email or comment if you get stuck or have any questions at all.”


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