The Marvellous Milli-Jane is an Illustrator from another dimension. You are lucky to have discovered such a rare creature.

She is a Designer, imaginator and illustrationarinator of all things marvellous and character based her work varies from cute to crazy and always has a hint of humour because she believes taking life too seriously is the biggest sin since unbuttered toast.

Milli likes photographs, pretty colours, mad textures, children’s hats from Ikea, cuddly toys, husky dogs, texting 1,234 letter long texts, drinking tea with an average of three sugars, Coca Cola from a glass bottle, travelling across the land armed with a camera of some description,marmite on toast, really boring things, triangles, Zelda, Pokémon, beer and wearing odd socks.





How did you get into your field?

I loved art but never wanted to be an artist, I hate the idea of painting and selling it and im to impatient to paint anyway. I taught myself illustrator and fell in love with it and found myself creating pretty cool looking things. I knew of graphic design but I wasn’t sure of what illustration was at first. When I discovered it I knew it was what I wanted to do.


Define how u see the word “creative”?

Creativity is the process of making something by piecing together things within your mind and using your imagination. I believe everyone is creative and creativity makes life more exciting. It’s a shame that people label themselves as a creative or a non creative person.  A world without creativity would stand still!


Who/what inspires you and why?

Andrew bannecker because of his really amazing digital style I always love every piece of work he creates. I also love typography and witty illustrations. Photography is a great inspiration to me too. I love work that is simple and focussed with not too many distractions. For example micheal rolphs photograph of the cup full of milk is just incredible to me. I cant really explain why.


The Disaster of Jeremy Brompton


What is your favourite piece of work, describe it’s meaning to you?

The Disaster of Jeremy Brompton was really the start of my style as it is today and when I created him I knew I’d stumbled upon a style that really worked for me. He just happened when I was warning my brother of the dangers of a fold up bike and he evolved perfectly from that! He holds a special place in my heart


Describe a day in your profession?

Lots of tea , forgetting to eat dinner and doing some really bad prepatory sketches with my sharpie and then bringing it to life in illustrator. I wish my illustrations would actually come to life though 🙁


What challenges do you face on a daily/weekly basis?

The challenge of making sure im always moving forward, aiming for something and not standing still!


Do you ever have a creative block and if yes, how do you deal with it?

I can do it sometimes help if I look at it in a different colour scheme or go back to the pen and paper. I always have to do a really bad drawing of what I illustrate before and then I photograph it and trace briefly around it in illustrator. It just gives me something to focus on and it takes about 5 seconds!


What types of assignments / creative briefs do you get excited about or you are attracted to most?

I love briefs where I get to play around with a character, my illustrations don’t work for me unless there’s a fun character in there somewhere!


How do you describe your style?

Cute, colourful and humorous. I use quite simple imagery, nothing too complex. Very childlike in fact.


What would you have done differently during your career so far and what advice would you offer to others?

Create a portfolio, stop stalling and telling yourself your style isn’t good enough. Find a way of working that is easy for you and gives you results that you get excited about then create more things like it and you’ll have a portfolio in no time and your work will develop and it will be really exciting, I promise!


Milli also has a greetings card business: HELLO by Milli-Jane


Would you advise people starting off in your field to continue in education and develop; or go out into the world and learn in the field?:

Go out into the world! Uni makes you think you have a guaranteed job afterwards, you don’t its just as hard now as it will be in 3 years time! Uni’s just a way of getting out of diving into the big bad scary world of work.. But if it suits you and you want the experience then go but its never your only option!


Regarding freelance are you available?

Yes I am available and please feel free to contact me.


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