Finger tutting advert for the Samsung Gallaxy S2

  The clip was produced for the launch of the Galaxy SII in France and is quickly drawing an audience. “Tutting” is a style of dance that first became popular on YouTube in 2009. (You can see one of dancer Mike Song’s most-viewed routines in the style here.) In particular, the “finger tutting” variety began picking...
Plumen – The World's First Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb

Plumen – The World’s First Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb

  The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb. The energy saving light bulb is a neglected, yet inspiring invention. It uses 80% less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb, keeps down electricity bills and is better for the environment. It also lasts around 8 times longer. Despite this, we...

‘Disassembly’ by Todd McLellan

    Tom’s recent work, ‘disassembly’  has produced some fantastic work. You can view all of his full portfolio here