What is creativeconfab.co.uk ?

Here at Creative Confab we aim to deliver the ‘cream of the crop’ from all the different creative sectors that are within the cambridgeshire area.  Whether you’re a fine artist or a photographer, a videographer or an illustrator, we would like to feature you on our new website.


The website is not only a place for you to see upcoming and available talent from across the area; but to also draw inspiration for your fellow piers; as well as the lucky ones get sourced for some freelance work. We are aiming to make this site a ‘one stop shop’ for local businesses to find extremely creative freelancers/designers/artists from in, and around cambridgeshire; all in one simple place.


How do I submit work?

Creative Confab is a completely free website for you to submit your work, however, it is run through a submission basis.  All submissions are subject to a type of approval; this is just to ensure that we are showing some of the best skill sets from around the area. Please don’t be worried, give it ago and fill out the questionnaire and submit some work!


Our brief questionnaire  & how to send us examples of your work

Please click the link below to start downloading our questionnaire pack. You will find attached a brief questionnaire with a variety of different questions that should help the Creative Confab viewers get to know you as well as your creative thought process.  Please try and fill out as many questions as you can.  There are also instructions at the beginning of the questionnaire (.docx & .pdf) on how to send the your questionnaire back to us, as well how to send different hi-res images showing your best pieces of work.  Creative Confab is not only here to help show off your work to the best of it’s ability, but also to express you; as a creative person.

Creative Confab Questionnaire


Invite your creative friends

Feel free to invite your creative friends, that you think might be interested in some free exposure within their creative field. The site is currently in beta and we’re hoping to launch with a few featured creatives. However, it is up and live as we speak. (it’s pretty empty at the minute, but we want this to change) Please bare with us as we are still doing some of the final touches.


Thank you for expressing your interest in Creative Confab; We’re hoping it has a bright future and hopefully we can bring in more additional social features when the site becomes a hive of activity.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me though the avenues below. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


You can contact us here through our contact page.